New Show to Hunt Bigfoot, Hosted by Dean Cain and Spike TV

CircusSignI guess it was bound to happen, friends of CryptoVille. It seems like the hunt for Bigfoot is about to go the way of Ringley Barnum and Baily. Back in the 1800s, P.T. Barnum offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who could produce the Lake Champlain monster, Champ.

And now Spike TV is offering a 10 Million dollar reward to the person(s) who can find Bigfoot and prove once and for all that this animal exists via a reality TV show. (Artwork below by Pete Barbar.)

BigfootPeteBarbarAccording to an article on by Michael Schneider, “In 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, which premieres January 2014, nine teams of “lifelong Bigfoot hunters” and big game hunters travel through the Pacific Northwest and use a state-of-the-art mobile DNA lab to find Sasquatch. Each week they’ll travel to a different Bigfoot “hot zone” in the U.S.”

This should be interesting! I hope they don’t use the same old tired tricks to find this great ape that have been used ad nauseam on other shows. (See my Open Letter to Bigfoot Hunters )

DeanCainDean Cain is the host of the new show and I know several of my girlfriends are quite excited about that. Mind you, these are the same girls who refused to talk to me about Bigfoot and other things Cryptozoological, which resulted in my starting this blog so that I had like-minded people to talk to!

If you’d like to read the whole TV Guide article, here is the link. However it doesn’t mention a start date. The KGMI News Talk website states that this show premieres January 10.

I have a feeling we’ll be talking about this again!

Til the next time!

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