Beware the Furry Black Mass

Here’s a creepy tale for New Years Eve. If you’re ever walking along somewhere and see a black furry mass laying around on the ground and similar places, do not touch it. If you do, you will be instantly overwhelmed. See below:

What are they? Daddy long legs spiders erupting from the nest where they were developing. Ugh!

Daddy’s Got Legs

Let’s run down some facts about these spiders.

  1. Daddy Long Leg spiders are from the Opiliones order of spiders that has four suborders containing over 6,500 species.
  2. Sometimes known as “harvestmen”.
  3. The males guard the nest against predators that include female daddy long leg spiders
  4. They typically measure about a quarter inch long (body only) and they live for about a year.
  5. Most species of Opiliones are omnivorous and will eat small insects, fungi, plant material, bird dung, and other fecal matter.
  6. Most species of Opiliones are nocturnal, but a few are diurnal.
  7. Some species of daddy long legs will “glue” debris onto themselves for camouflage against predators, while some will simply “play dead”.
  8. Scientists have found fossils of these species dating 410 million years old, to the Devonian Rhynie chert.

Here are some other photos of their nests, just so you know what to look for and avoid.




























CryptoVille’s Future

On a happier note, we’d like to wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Our main cryptid-related hope is that this is the year someone, somewhere gets us the definitive proof that Bigfoot exists, enough to satisfy the scientific community at large.

Aside from that, we have some big plans afoot for CryptoVille in 2014, so stay tuned as we reveal some upcoming changes and developing growth spurts.

In the meantime, stay safe out there and we’ll see you “next year”!

BigfootHairATTENTION BIGFOOT HUNTERS: No! Trust me, this nest is NOT a sample of Bigfoot hair. Keep looking elsewhere!   Oh my goodness!  😉


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