Amazing Cryptids by Talented Artist, Lee Cross

I saw these works of art in a Facebook post and couldn’t believe how beautiful these “cryptids” are! I wanted to share them with you since we’re usually talking about “real” cryptids all the time and these make a lovely change.

WoodSplitterLee01Artist Bio

These creatures are the work of artist, sculptor, and creator of traditional art, “Wood-Splitter-Lee” aka, Lee Cross. According to her biography, she was born and raised in Alaska and learned her art and craft by herself. She’s been creating these wonderful animals since she was 18. She credits being dyslexic as giving her an “edge” when it comes to envisioning her creations.

The film companies “Stan Winston’s Studios (Jurassic Park) and “Weta Workshop” (Lord of the Rings/Narnia/King Kong) “noticed” her work. I’m not sure what that means, other than I suppose that means they like her stuff too.

Anyway, she attended a workshop in New Zealand with the Weta people where she worked on some personal projects. That must have been very exciting! I think anything associated with the Lord of the Rings world is exciting!

She also had a book published by called Year of the Guardian – Curse of Power. You can check-out the book on eBay; I’ll include a link at the end of this post.

The Cryptids

Anyway, let’s look at some of her gorgeous creations.

1. Prehistoric Tundra Stag


2. Fire Fox


3. Fantasy Moon Dust Wolf


4. Baby Candy Cane Unicorn


5. Fantasy Thunder Stag


6. Baby Cloud Lamb


7. Cranberry Racoon


8. Arctic Wolf


9. Fantasy Racoons



If you’d like to see more about Lee and her creations, check out her page on


Available on Ebay

I found the book on eBay, reasonably priced. There is also a Fantasy Baby Twilight Fawn for sale too! If interested, here’s the link to both:













I am not affiliated with Lee in any way, but I am a fan and I already bought myself a copy of the book! So I thought my like-minded readers may feel the same way.

Which one is your favorite new “cryptid”?

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