Amazon to Deliver Goods via Drones

DroneAmazonI suppose you could almost see this coming especially if you read one of my last blog entries. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, told Charlie Rose  this past Sunday during a 60 minutes segment, that he wants to be able to deliver Amazon goods to his customers within 30 minutes.  He figures it will take 4-5 years to make this a reality.

The drones will be able to hold 5 pounds of weight, which according to Bezos, is just about how much 86% of his products weigh.

How materialistic does one have to be to want something within 30 minutes or else? How obsessed with “things” do we have to be?

That aside, what they’re planning to do to our “airways” is going to result in clogged air traffic, quite possibly accidents above and on the ground, and who knows what else?

I guess I’m just too old fashioned. I enjoy looking forward to things coming in the mail. I like my mailman and am glad he’s employed. I still like writing letters by hand and sending Christmas cards. I think one day, sending letters and cards will be a lost art.

I’m not happy with Amazon’s rush into the future. To me it screams “obnoxious”. I don’t want to see these stupid things flying by at who knows what altitude, dropping things on my windshield, and God only knows what else.

Bezos said, “The hard part is putting in all the redundancy, all the reliability to say this can’t land on somebody’s head.”  Um hmm.

We’ve polluted much of the world’s waterways, we’ve decimated many habitats, let’s not even start on logging, and now we’re going to fill up the beautiful skies so that they too become an eyesore.

I’ve said it before. There are times when I think humans are the weirdest cryptids of all.

What do you think about Amazon’s latest move?


  1. This reminds me of the Taco Bell delivery drone hoax a year or two ago. Some people got really excited about that and others got kind of upset but it turned out to be a hoax in the end.
    I know Amazon is working on Same Day Delivery but I doubt this will be it. Too much liability and other issues would be associated with it. I don’t order things over the web so it won’t effect me any way unless one crashes into my house, lol.

  2. I think we are living in a spoiled society that has to have everything RIGHT NOW. I think it’s as you said, these nasty little metal creatures will pollute our beautiful skies, crash into houses, get stuck in trees, get sucked up by passing planes or land on a road and cause an accident. I can only imagine how much this special service will cost.

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