Is This a Living Dinosaur?

DinosaurHeavyTrafficMy friend Mary Fantina shared this video with me today purportedly showing a living dinosaur somewhere in South America. It’s a nice video (1:41 long) and it does show a strange little creature running around in a jungle glade. What’s  impressive to me is how well it’s camouflaged on the jungle floor! Here’s the video:



Anyway, the problem is this is not a dinosaur. Dinosaurs did not survive the mass extinction.

Reptiles did survive the mass extinction, and this little guy is a lizard of some sort. It reminded me of this other lizard, a flashy cousin from Australia known as the Australian Frilled Neck Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingie):


What a magnificent little beast! The Frilled Neck lizard runs very much like this green one in South America, up on its rear legs.

Images from the Book Journey Through Colour and Time,Running Frillnecked Lizard

While it would be wonderful to find a living dinosaur, let’s not overlook the importance of these creatures that DID survive the cataclysm. They are also incredibly special in their own little ways.

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