Armored Fish Update

Scientists think they have a name for that “armored” fish I shared with you a few days ago. Thanks to reader Richard Bennett for pointing me to the new info!

According to Gene Helfman from the University of Georgia and an expert in fish, “In all likelihood it’s a perestidiid armored gurnard, apparently in the genus Satyrichthys (good name, no?).  I can’t take it to species ‘cause there are a bunch of them (see  They are generally known as armored gurnards and are closely allied to our triglid searobins.  Good photos at and a general treatment at  I think some folks still place them in the Triglidae.”

Helfman shared his opinion in an email to a National Geographic contributor and fellow fish expert, Zeb Hogan (University of Nevada, Reno).

This is what another armored gurnard looks like:

ArmoredGurnardSpottedApart from the spots and pink fringed head, it looks very much like the one recently caught off Borneo:



The scientists think it could be the same species of fish, or a variation of the spotted one.  They are sometimes called triglid searobins.

I guess they’re not to be confused with these searobins?

SeaRobinI think I’m getting a headache!

At any rate, I’m enjoying seeing all these little “cryptids” from the sea. How about you?

Til the next time!




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