Maine’s Most Explosive Mystery

MaineSupervolcanoCryptids are strange for many reasons but that’s not to say strange things don’t happen elsewhere in nature.  Recently, when I saw an article about this next topic, I felt it was strange enough to include in CryptoVille.  It seems the state of Maine has some of the world’s oldest volcanoes.

If you’re like me, when you think of Maine, you tend to think of more coastal activities. Like lobsters fresh off the boil, a handsome rocky coastline punctuated by lovely lighthouses, a thunderous ocean just a stone’s throw away – it never occurred to me to turn around and look inland!

MaineCoastlineAccording to geoscientist Sheila Seaman, Maine has supervolcanoes. She said their eruptions may have been some of the largest experienced on our planet.

Seaman, who is associated with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, explained that around 420 million years ago, local volcanoes dropped “thick piles of ash and lava fragments” along the entire Maine coastal region. She added that they believe there are “at least” 4 volcanoes spread out along Maine’s 100 mile coast.

The scientist compared these Maine volcanoes to one that blew up an Indonesian Island 2.5 million years ago, called Toba.

On Maine’s Cranberry Island, they found volcanic rock layers that were 2300 feet thick. Compare that to the volcanic rock layers found near Toba, which were only 2000 feet thick.

Over on Isle au Haut just off the Maine coast, the volcanic rock layers are in excess of 3 miles thick!  And then that is topped off by a layer of ash flow that alone measures 3200 feet thick.

One thing seems to be fairly certain: all the Maine volcanoes appear to be dormant. According to the USGS (US Geological Society), Maine’s volcanoes have been dormant since the Mesozoic Era.

Let’s hope so! I’d sorely miss my yearly dose of those watery cryptids we call Lobsta’s!!





No! Not that lobster!





NO! Not that, that, meat lobster????






Ah! THAT’S the one! Somebody please pass some butter!




Til the next time!



  1. Well, thank goodness Maine’s volcanoes are dormant!! But, with all the things going on around the world, in my opinion Yellowstone may be the worst disaster in human history if, and when, the supervolcano that makes up the park erupts again. I’ve been watching programs about earth’s history lately and I’m concerned with the reports about it. .

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