Is Mount Rushmore Crying?

What do you think of this photo by Megan Ahrens that she took on the morning of October 14, 2013? She insists she did not Photoshop the photo and I believe her based on her Facebook post.

People claim it looks like the Presidents are crying.


While I’m not happy with the state of the Union these days, I’m not sure it’s causing our former Presidents to cry, much less in stone.

I suspect that their faces may have been power-washed or something, and perhaps that left the staining? Like a bleaching? Or is it the natural strata in the rocks that show up under those light conditions?

Here’s an older photo under different weather conditions. You can see the lines already in place.



I’d like to hear what geologists and park rangers have to say about the purported crying picture. Personally, I think it’s a trick of the weather.

What do you think?

Til the next time!


  1. If the pic hasn’t been “doctored” (which I think it has been despite assurances from her) Then I’d say they had a quick downpour just before the pic was taken. Nothing strange about that.

  2. I just googled this and read many comments from people who have been to Mt. Rushmore. One man said this:

    ” I was at Rushmore in 1993 and I saw the same thing early in the morning. The condensation on the mountain causes this streaking to occur.”

    Another woman said this:

    “I saw the same thing when I was there in 1982. It happens every time it rains.”

    Many other people said the same thing. I think it’s strange that some of the streaks seem to be where tears would run if a person was crying but sometimes nature does things like that. Remember that perfect shoe print even with the heel mark and the stitching that was a billion years old?! That did look exactly like the sole of a shoe but was proven to be a leaf fossil that looked like that. And what about the face on Mars? It does look like a face but was proven to be terrain that formed like that. And what about that moldy cheese sandwich that looked just like Jesus and sold for $20,000 on Ebay? Well, you get the idea. Although I’m sure if those presidents were alive today and seeing what Obama has done to this country they would cry.

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