Strange Creature Runs Across Road in UK

LupinThis video only recently came to my attention although it dates back to 2007. Apparently it was filmed by a closed caption TV camera (CCTV) in the United Kingdom and someone somewhere happened to notice what ran across the road.

At first glance it does look like a dog, possibly a deer. But in this video, the scene was re-run in slow motion and you really get to see that it is neither of those animals.

It kind of reminds me of Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter movie when he turns into a werewolf. Some have said it’s an alien leaping across the road which I think is unlikely. I suspect it’s an animal if anything.

As always, I’m a little skeptical because people do perpetrate some very convincing hoaxes these days, so none of it might be real.

I’d like to know what you make of this. Please respond in the comments section.

Here’s the link:


  1. Susan, this footage is unreal. There is no animal known to my knowledge that could be. It looks to me like an alien, sort of humanlike but running on all fours. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! Shared.

    • I agree Lisa, it’s strange for sure! I’d like to encourage any British readers to keep their eyes open for it, as well as having their cameras ready and charged. I’d like to see other footage of it.

  2. It looks part human and part animal…..hard to say it is human though, because of the speed and lurching movements. Thank God it made it across the highway!

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