Another Pink Cryptid

PinkKatydidIf you love bugs, you may love this one, a pink katydid! What causes a katydid to become pink?

A condition called erythrism that’s caused by the same recessive gene that causes albinism in other animals. These rarities occur once in 500 individuals.

The change in color is pretty but it also puts this bug in greater danger than its green counterparts. Because it’s more visible, its natural predators will find it more easily.

Katydids live in the Southern US  expanding into some of the Midwest states, up to the lower parts of Michigan and Wisconsin and New York/New Jersey areas.

There’s another animal, a watery resident, that turned pink. To read more about that, click through this link:

Now I’m waiting for evidence of the first pink Bigfoot! LOL!

Til the next time!


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