Mermaids Again – The Debate Continues

OnTheRocksAnimal Planet is getting ready to show its sensational Mermaid movie again in celebration of Monster Week. It’s the same movie that they showed last year, but supposedly they have some “new evidence” this time. I’m still skeptical, but it’ll be fun to hear or see what the new evidence is.

We covered the mermaid phenomena quite a bit here on CryptoVille, including if and how they were related to the mysterious underwater noise known as “The Bloop”.  Here are the links to those posts if you’d like to investigate yourselves prior to the showing of the Mermaid movie this coming weekend.

We’d love to hear what you think – do you believe in mermaids?


  1. Hmmmm….Not really sure what to think. I don’t necessarily think they exist but the thought that they might is quite intriguing.

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