Mysterious Snow Formations

Sorry I haven’t blogged much this month. I’m up to my eyeballs in research for a big post that I’m very excited about. I hope to get at least the first installment up in a week or so.

In the meantime, I stumbled across photos of these two mysterious snow formations: Snowballs sitting around a lake shore and Snow Circles seemingly etched into the ground. I wanted to share them with you because they are so pretty and interesting.

SnowballMysterySnowballs on Lake Perimeter

Some years ago scientists found snowballs all along the shore of Lake Michigan near Milwaukee just like those in the photo to the right. There were tons of them, and some were submerged in the water without melting. At first it looks like the snowballs were manmade, but science has the real explanation.

It seems the action of the water and wind in conjunction with temperatures at or just below freezing (32 F), causes these snow balls to form and freeze solid. It’s another amazing incidence of nature creating amazing phenomena just through water, wind, and temperatures. If you’d like to read about another incident involving stones that move on their own, check out this article:

Mystery of the Sailing Stones

SnowCircleMysterySnow Circles

This photo shows a beautiful type of snow circle that seems to have been etched on the ground under the trees. It was found in Leckhampton Hill which is due south of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. The photo dates to December 9, 2010.

A woman named Freddie Holding found the formation while walking her dog and she reported it to the local newspaper. A tree expert was consulted, Adrian Phillips, and he said, “There is no reason for any kind of fungus to affect the trees in the cold weather, and it seems unlikely things falling from the branches could create such a pattern. The most likely answer is that the pattern is manmade.”

I’d have to agree with him, but how? The snow is so shallow that you wouldn’t be able to cover over your own footprints as you moved around creating the design. Then it dawned on me, maybe someone put the design there before the snow fell. There are chemicals that will melt snow upon contact, so they could have “drawn” the pattern on the ground and waited for the light snow to fall. The snow would melt in contact with the chemical, but remain on all the other parts of the area not covered by the chemical.

That’s the best explanation that I’ve got. Have you got another?

Til the next time!

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  1. Love the snowball story……wouldn’t it be an ideal place for a big snowball fight!
    I agree about the pattern in the snow being made before the snow fell……makes perfect sense that it could be done.

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