Fish with a Transparent Head: Meet the Pacific Barreleye



Nature never ceases to amaze. Apparently this fish, called a Pacific Barreleye  DOES exist and it has a transparent head so that its green “eyes” (inside the clear dome) can look above. Scientists say it mostly stays still in the water, waiting for food to arrive from above. They speculate that the barreleye steals food from jellyfishs’ long tendrils.

You just can’t make this stuff up! Even more strange, the “things” on the front of its face that LOOK like they should be eyes are olfactory portals (detecting smells). It makes the other cryptozoological animals that we love to study seem perfectly normal, doesn’t it?

This fish has been known to mankind since 1939 when fishermen began pulling dead ones up in their nets. But it wasn’t until 2004 that scientists actually got footage of a living barreleye fish.

Here’s the link to the National Geographic short film further describing this animal, and showing  it in the deep water where it lives:

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    • I have no idea how you’d go about it. I think it’s harder to make any profits from that kind of stuff than we can imagine. I guess the first thing would be to identify your audience, then think of providing something they might like or want.

          • I already have researched it. No, it’s not totally legit, however it’s in the grey area zone. Very difficult to enforce. The only thing from what I understand is that one can flag a file as a copy write infringement, then the site takes down your link, then low and behold your link is up at another torrent site within minutes.

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