Report of a Bigfoot Encounter by Les Stroud – Survivorman

SurvivormanHere’s a very interesting interview with Les Stroud, of Discovery channel’s “Survivorman” program. He has spent plenty of time out in the wilds of America and has seen and heard it all.

That’s why I am so pleased with his report. He was in Alaska and seems to have had a Bigfoot encounter that spooked him for quite a while afterward.

It’s only a matter of time, friends, before science and the world at large realizes Bigfoot is real, in many iterations around the world!

Here’s the link to the video (about 2 1/2 minutes long). Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Cryptoville,

    Enjoyed this. I have not made my mind up yet on Yeti. But credible observation bases like Les Stroud’s account here are a valid part of the scientific method – Problem Definition and Establishment of Plurality based on unconstrained observations. Not proof mind you, and a LONG way to go to make it science. But this cannot be ignored either.

    I want the science done. No more bullshit from the SSkeptic community.

    – TES

  2. And yet again, another “bigfoot” reality show that wasted my time with nothing to show in the end. Yay! STOP AIRING THIS CRAP! I love survivorman, but … really? Don’t air it until you have PROOF! Trash the rest please!

    • That’s an excellent point Gathroe. I would like to hear what other hunters have to say about that (hunters in general, not necessarily Bigfoot hunters).

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille!

      … Susan

    • my bf event was terrifying to my dog and she declined to return to the event location when we returned two two years later. I will carry her crys of pain to my grave. damn she was in pain and the THING was 100ft away. how can that Thing cause a dog pain and terror?

      • Hi Robert! All I can think of is the creature must have thrown something at your dog. I don’t really buy into the “paranormal” aspect of BF, as some people believe. I think it’s “just” another animal. So the best guess I have is that it tossed a rock or branch at your dog in the dark.

        Where did this happen?

        … Susan (CryptoVille)

        • locatiion was cow gap shelter 1.5 miles north of us rt60, amhurst va… No rocks, nothing thrown. Dog bark first indication my son and I were not alone Dog had two dozen or more encounters with bears. I would normally call her to my side, place my hand on her head, call her to alert then a quick light squeeze and she would bark untill told to stand down. Not this time! She was totally incapacitated, period except for the painfull sounds she made that I never heard before nor after. she recovered after the creature turned from facing my son and myself. The dog ( Ginger) remaind at guard the intire night.
          tks for the intrest Susan.


          • Susan, Cow Gap shelter is a three sided shelter built by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. My son and I with Ginger camped there the first Saturday of Dec 1988 or 89. The weather was very cold ( 10 degrees ) clear . This is before the internet and I had NO interest in BF stories. The whole
            issue for me is to find ANY explanation for Gingers reaction other than THERE IS BIGFOOTS AND IT HAS NONHUMAN POWERS. If my son and I are truftfull and not delusional , what is the explanation?

        • sorry for the ribert miss type. Im using a tablet so no long storys from me now. I would like conversation with Virginia bf groups about that cow gap shelter. You might be interested in that a AT hiker was killed near that shelter August of 2011. The homicide is discussed onnthe White Blaze site and FBI’s press releases. The body was found half buryed. Iv visited that shelter ONE time. That was enough.

  3. 09/07/2015… I checked facebook for Va groups. No replys to my emails. The encounter my son and I had in lthe late 80’s and the death of the hiker Lilly near the Cow Camp AT not likely to be connected. However there seems to be a evolving thread recently about deaths associated with BF.

    Know one should die under Mr. Lilly’s circumstances with his family not knowing who or why they lost a loved one. Odds are there are a lot more human preditors than BF!

    It seems BF encounters are never explainable in any rational way and thats why the paranormal thing has surfaced recently.

    Finally what do you make of the Sept 2015 claims that multiple labs have confirmed BF DNA. Its just a few days past the latest claims so i will be looking forward to your take.

      • Hope your doing well susan. You asked to be kept informed if anything new came from my son and my encounter with SOMTHING while overnighting on thr AT

        Last month while waiting for new keys at a CHESTER VA auto dealer three dog lovers were talking about there dogs reaction to a thunder storm. I told them about my dog Ginger and her one time disobeying and not wanting to return to the COW CAMP GAP SHELTER.

        I did not tell anything about the encounter, just ask if if they could think of any reason GINGER would not follow me back to a location on the AT. A lady asked where the shelter was and if it was in 1986?

        Susan, she had a amazing amount of info about somthing that happend before she was born. She grew up in Natural Bridge Va. about 20 miles from my encounter. Her father and most of her family saw the THING I saw. The family lost most of there dogs and small farm animals. Her relatives stopped hunting. Their sightings were fall of 86 thru Feb of 87..

        I’m going to Natural Bridge soon to talk with the young ladys relatives. Thirty year old Squatch sightings are fast loosing any relevance but I need to know what I saw.

        • Hi Robert! Thank you so much for following up with this information! It’s very exciting.

          The story may be old, but I have to think if they were present 30 years ago, why wouldn’t they still be there, at least part of the year? So keep your camera handy.

          What’s especially interesting to me is the fact their family stopped hunting in that area because they were spooked by what they had seen. People don’t just give up a way of life unless something significant happens to scare them (illness/infirmity aside).

          I’m still trying to set-up another radio show so I can make podcasts. I just started a new job (YAY!!) so that’s going to curtail my time. But I still want to do it. If I do manage to find the time, I’d love to have you come on and tell us about your experiences – including any new ones from your next adventure.

          Keep in touch!

          Susan (CryptoVille)

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