12/21/12: End of the World?

MayanTempleIt’s getting to be that time, we’re drawing nearer to the dreaded date prophesied by Mayan ancestors: December 21, 2012. Will our world end? Or at least, our world as we know it? Will aliens suddenly appear for all to see and start communicating with us? Will the human race suddenly leap forward in evolutionary terms so we find that people are now all psychic and can see into other dimensions?

If you were around for the year 2000 hysteria, this Mayan “prophesy” may seem ho hum. Nothing happened when the year changed to 2000 despite dire predictions of all the things that could happen. Some people did go crazy, but that was their own doing, not the dissolution of the world.

So here we are again, nearing 12/21/12. What did the Mayans really say about this calendar date, and what do archaeologists and other scientists tell us about the state of the world at this time? Let’s explore those angles and see what conclusions we can draw.

MayanCalendar01What the Mayans Really Said

Modern day Mayans say that the world is getting the prophesy all wrong because they aren’t listening to the people who actually know about and understand it – the Mayans themselves.  One researcher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, claims that he has more insight into their predictions because he has spent the best part of 35 years talking with them.

According to the Mayans, the fact that this time cycle is ending on December 21, 2012 does not mean anything terrible is going to happen. It’s just a transition to a new cycle.

They also say that their calendar does foretell changes to the planet as well as changes to humankind in the form of increased consciousness.

The Mayans and the Hopi predicted the beginning of this “end time” (end in the sense of the date is changing, that’s all) will be ushered in with the appearance of a large blue star. In October of 2007 Comet 17P/Holmes appeared, expanded greatly, then exploded over the course of 24 hours.  The Hopi and the Mayan elders met to discuss this phenomenon and came to the conclusion that Comet Holmes was the blue star prophesied by their ancestors.

The Mayans also believe that a polar shift will occur. That means the North Pole and South Poles will reverse places. People believe this will have catastrophic effects on our planet.

Finally, the Earth will align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy where it will encounter “The Dark Rift”. In Mayan legend this area is the portal to the Underworld, a dark and scary place hence the connotation that this action may open the door to catastrophe and devastation. The Mayans don’t necessarily believe that, but others reading about their prophesy seem to have come to that conclusion.

Non-Mayan Claims

Other reports claim the Mayans believe the following:

The raised levels of consciousness that they predict we will suddenly develop will allow us to time travel by our minds only, not our bodies. It’s kind of like those ‘Remote Viewers’ who were being studied by the military a while ago. They could sit in a room, expand their mind so that they traveled to wherever was requested, and then report what they saw and found there. All without ever having left the military base.  There is some doubt to the validity of those claims.  The experiments do seem to have taken place, but the success or failure of the program is not clear. My understanding is that this program has been largely abandoned.

PinealGlandSome people have performed experiments wherein they say they attached a small magnet to the area on their forehead adjacent to the pineal gland. They left it on a few days or longer, and started to experience hallucinations.  It seems the magnetic effects on the pineal gland caused it to produce molecules that cause hallucinations.

Now I want to be very clear here. Having a hallucination is very different from having an actual out-of-body experience.  If someone can leave their body, they will be viewing reality around them. But having a hallucination means we’re seeing something that really isn’t there – it’s a fiction.  Please don’t try taping a magnet to your forehead – give your poor little pineal gland a break.  The results are not worth it.

Some people think the pineal gland is a “third eye”, allowing the person to see between the earthly and spiritual worlds, but it’s not. It just produces melatonin which helps us go to sleep. What the magnet does to it I’m not sure, and I’m not sure that’s even a true account. I still wouldn’t try it.


Aliens are everywhere these days even in the Mayan Prophesy!! However, the Mayans only refer to their gods returning, and a certain number of them, in a sort of ordering of their deities from most important down to lesser ones. In all my research I never saw where the Mayans said the gods were aliens. That came from the rest of the world who, I think in large part due to Ancient Alien Theorists (groan), believe that all the gods that people believe in are actually “benevolent” aliens.

As I’ve told you before, I’m Catholic and I believe in the ONE true God. So how do I view this situation? I believe faithful followers of all the various religions around the world (including Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Hari Krishnas, etc) are all ultimately seeking the one true God. I respect their spiritual journeys.

For indigenous people whose “religion” is so deeply entwined with their mythologies, I believe they are also seeking the one true God in their own way, born of their ancient traditions and beliefs. They may have multiple deities, but they all seem to be subordinate to one alpha god figure.  I would never disrespect them by saying they aren’t expecting their gods – it has to be aliens.

AlienI recently blogged about Alien Intelligence – if you’d like to read more about my views on that, here’s the link:


It’s true that in our day and age, UFO activity seems to have increased. I think that’s a result of practically the entire world being aware of the associated movies, documentary reports, etc., that have spread through the media to the whole planet.  People are simply more aware.

Others have added to this mythology, most notably the TV program X-Files, and the stories about 12 crystal skulls which to my knowledge have not all been found. There is also some story about a “star child” that is a skull that looks like a hybrid between a human and alien, and something to the effect it’ll be helping to usher in the New Age after 2012 when the aliens return.

In my opinion, aliens are a totally different story, they don’t figure into what the Mayans are saying about 2012, so I’m going to leave them out of it.

Nibiru Heads Up for Nibiru!

One of the beliefs circulating the planet is that a new, mysterious planet is honing into view in our solar system. The story goes it’s on a trajectory to collide with Earth bringing about our destruction. Some claim the planet is veiled, or hidden, so we won’t see it coming.

Fortunately, science can assure us on that point. There is no planet Nibiru or anything else sneaking up on planet Earth. Don Yeomans is in charge of the Near Earth Objects Program at NASA/JPL. He says, “This enormous planet is supposed to be coming toward Earth, but if it were, we would have seen it long ago. And if it were invisible somehow, we would have seen the effects of this planet on neighboring planets. Thousands of astronomers who scan the sky on a daily basis have not seen this.” The effects he’s referring to are gravitational effects on other planets.

David Morrison sums it up this way, “If there were a planet or a brown dwarf or whatever that was going to be in the inner solar system three years from now, astronomers would have been studying it for the past decade and it would be visible to the naked eye by now. It’s not there.” (His quote is from 2009.)

So it’s safe to say, we can forget about Nibiru.

If you can believe it, there are some who believe that NASA is involved in a cover-up, denying the portending disaster that Nibiru can cause. As a general rule, scientists aren’t conspiratory. They seek the truth. Don Yeomans says, “Can you imagine thousands of astronomers who observe the skies on a daily basis keeping the same secret from the public for several years?”

I can’t for the simple reason they LOVE to talk about their finds and their studies!

Astronomical Effects

There’s a lot of talk these days about solar flares and how they figure into the apocalyptic scenario. Also, the planetary alignment problem is generating a lot of anxiety for some people. And let’s not forget the polar shift problem.

SolarFlare Fortunately, science has all this covered.

Solar Flares: The sun runs on an eleven year cycle. At some points in the cycle, the solar flare activity is low. Other times, it’s moderate. Then there are times when it revs up for a very exciting and somewhat alarming blow out of its corona. It’s all just part of the lifecycle of our sun.

Right now we’re experiencing a high level of solar flare activity.  While they can wreak havoc with our satellites (and consequently some of our earth-bound technologies), the Earth’s magnetic shield protects us from the radiation that comes from the flares.  Scientists say these solar flares are not a health risk for us.

Planetary Alignment: The current popular belief is that all the planets in our solar system will align with our sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy, thereby setting off a cataclysm of disasters,  not the least of which is deadly tidal problems.

Don Yeomans says, “Well, first of all, there are no planetary alignments in December of 2012, and even if there were, there are no tidal effects on the Earth as a result. The only two bodies in the solar system that can affect the Earth’s tides are the moon, which is very close, and the sun, which is massive and also fairly close. But the other planets have a negligible effect on the Earth.”

Furthermore, David Morrison explains that during every winter solstice, from our vantage point on Earth, the sun appears to line up with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. But that happens every year. He says, “… the reality is that alignments are of no interest to science. They mean nothing.”  Doomsday believers claim that alignments create gravitational pull, worsen solar radiation, and disrupt planetary orbits.  According to Morrison, none of this is true.

PolesShiftPolar Shift: This popular topic refers to the fact that there have been times during the Earth’s history where the north and south poles have shifted. Some believe it’s going to happen in  12/21/12, and will have disastrous consequences.

Don explains, “The rotation axis can’t shift because the orbit of the moon around the Earth stabilizes it and doesn’t allow it to shift.”  He added that the magnetic field does shift but only every half-million years, “there’s no evidence it’s going to happen in December, and even if it were to be shifting, it takes thousands of years to do so. And even if it did shift, it’s not going to cause a problem on the Earth apart from the fact that we’re going to have to recalibrate our compasses.”

Breakaway Continents: This was a new one to me! Apparently there are people who believe the continents are going to suddenly start free-floating around the planet wrecking havoc on civilization and possibly wiping out humanity altogether.  According to this scenario all manner of natural disaster will occur, destroying cities, moving tropical climates into the frozen north, and vice versa. The idea seems to be premised on a TV movie called 2012.  Writers have the best imaginations, don’t they?

Scientists tell us that this kind of shifting has occurred over the history of the Earth, however, it takes millions of years to occur, and it would happen so slowly that humanity wouldn’t even be aware of the movement.

MayanDancersWrapping Up

The issue is somewhat complex because the Mayan mythology, lore, legends are very complex. Yet they pale in comparison to the complexity of their calendar systems and their understanding of time and space. Still, they never predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

The significance of this whole phenomenon seems more meaningful for the Mayan themselves who are slowly undergoing a renaissance of their own culture. They are relearning the wisdom of their elders and re-invigorating their goals, and hopes, and dreams for their own futures. The same could be said for the Hopi Indians.

According to Anthony Aveni who is an archaeoastronomer at Colgate University, NY, and also an expert on the Maya, “The idea is that time gets renewed, that the world gets renewed all over again – often after a period of stress – the same way we renew time on New Year’s Day or even on Monday morning.”

CultThe Real Concern

Scientists have strongly spoken out against this end-time scenario because of the fear they are seeing in the general populace. And in some cases, the fear is almost palpable.

David Morrison is a senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute.  He explained that their facility has received literally thousands of questions about the Mayan prophecy and doomsday scenario. He says, “A lot of [the submitters] are people who are genuinely frightened.  I’ve had two teenagers who were considering killing themselves, because they didn’t want to be around when the world ends. Two women in the last two weeks said they were contemplating killing their children and themselves so they wouldn’t have to suffer through the end of the world.”

Mercifully, the scientists were able to put their minds at ease. But how many are still out there, really afraid, and contemplating suicide to avoid the repercussions from a doomsday scenario?

Do you remember in the 1990s when quite a few doomsday cults wound up killing themselves – in large numbers? For example, the Heavensgate cult.They were going to meet a “mother ship” that was hidden from view, and some other nutty scenario like that.  Cults work because they control people, and people are more vulnerable when they’re frightened.

I’d encourage everyone to be aware for the warning signs in everyone they know – how fearful are they? What is their state of mind? Do they talk about the end of the world, and also say they don’t want to experience it? We need to get these people help, and I really hope and pray that no one takes that awful, final escape just to miss something that science clearly tells us, is not going to happen.

MayanCartoonIn the End

Finally I’d like to share this quote with you from Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since the beginning of time there have been literally hundreds of thousands of predictions for the end of the world, and we’re still here.”

Til the next time!


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