Earth Groaning on Destination Truth: Kazakhstan

The other day, I was watching the new season of Destination Truth on The episode called “Alien Invaders/ Swedish Lake Monster” really caught my attention.

As they were searching the wilds of Kazakhstan for UFOs and aliens, they heard a very strange noise. One of the crew described it as a deep metallic roar. Almost as soon as it started, it stopped. This interests me because earlier this year I wrote a post about the phenomenon of Earth Groaning that seemed to be overtaking the world this past January and at some points in 2011.

I can’t tell when Josh and crew were in Kazakhstan. Maybe it was during January of this year, but I think it would have been a lot colder. It looks like they were there in the late Spring or Summer.  Since most of the other reports of Earth Groaning were heard in January 2012, I’m very interested to hear that it may still be happening in certain parts of the globe.

Important to note, the crew mentioned that there was a missile launching base nearby that area. They said this facility launches 50 or more missiles a year.  That makes me a little more suspicious that the Earth Groaning that people were/are hearing may be caused by humans and their own testing of various technologies, not the least of which that HAARP program.

However, for that to be true, we’d have to chart all the areas where the sounds were heard and then determine if there were military or space related facilities nearby; a nearly impossible task.

I’d love to hear what you think about this mystery. The link for the Destination Truth show is here:

If you don’t want to watch the whole program, check out the time stamp 11:17-11:37.

The full blog post about the Earth Groaning mystery can be found here:

There is also a second, follow-up article:

There is something unsettling about this phenomenon because if it’s NOT caused by human activity, what is causing it? UFOs/aliens? Or is something going on deep down in the Earth? And what could that be? That’s almost more worrisome than the other alternatives because how would we “run away” from a huge eruption or something equally alarming?

Please share your thoughts! Maybe we can eventually get to the bottom of this tantalizing mystery!

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  1. I think it may be caused by tectonic forces deep within the earth. Pressure builds, plates shift and rub, and the groans may be a result of that. Did you know that the bible even mentions the earth groaning?

    • Interesting about it being in the Bible, Patrick! Yes, you’re thinking along the same lines as I am. I’d love to know what the cluster of those sounds meant earlier this year and late last year. I just hope something big isn’t going to blow!!

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