Provo, Utah Bigfoot Sighting – November 2012

A new video has emerged on the internet showing the encounter between a small group of hikers and what appears to be a Bigfoot. As best I can tell the sighting seems to have occurred on or about November 1, 2012.

The group of young adults had paused after seeing what they thought might be a bear on a hillside quite near them (50-60 feet away). They waited quietly and only spoke to each other in whispers, seeming to discuss if it was a bear or not. Beard Card was shooting the video, and he was joined by his wife and three siblings. They had been camping nearby and were following a group of deer they had previously seen.

The animal suddenly looked at them, and began to stand up. They were so frightened they immediately started running away, with their camera still rolling.

The account is believable for several reasons, as mentioned by other Bigfoot fans on the internet. The hikers aren’t hamming it up for the camera, “over acting” as some put it, yelling and what not. They’re doing what a lot of animal lovers would do when observing a wild animal – keep quiet and see what the animal does. Of course they were expecting to see a bear, but afterwards they said it was not a bear, they didn’t know what they saw. When asked if they believed in Bigfoot, Beard reported that none of them believe in Bigfoot.

Beard said the animal looked at them before standing up, but that’s hard to see in the video. If it was a bear, they would have seen the snout as it looked at them. No one mentioned a snout, instead they reported they didn’t know what they had just seen.

Days later, the hikers returned to retrieve their camping gear. One of Beard’s brothers went to the spot where they animal had been crouching before it stood up. Beard’s brother is about six feet tall, and they estimate the creature was two to three feet taller than his brother.

When I look at the video, I see a conical head with little to no neck, broad shoulders, and two big ape-like arms, as well as distinct hips lifting the animal upright.

Here’s the link to Beard Card’s video:

One researcher described the video as showing another “Blob Squatch” saying he couldn’t really tell what it was. I don’t agree. Bears do not have big long arms like that, and they don’t move the way that thing did. Plus the witnesses who were expecting it to be a bear, said they don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a bear.

If you’d like to hear Fox 13’s interview with Beard Card, follow this link:

I think it’s an exciting video and I think it shows a real Bigfoot. I’m just sorry they were so frightened – it would have been great to have longer and more focused footage of it moving away from them.

What do you think?

(Featured image by Peter Travers.)





  1. I believe in Bigfoot but I cannot believe this is anything more than a typical American Black Bear.

    He/she is hunched a bit when standing giving the impression of having shoulders and the angle gives the fore-leg apparent length.

    The head is flat like a bear and the nose is tan. If you slow the video you can see it’s nose going into place. that’s not foliage in front of the nose. It’s right ear is that of a bear and not of any purported Bigfoot.

    Check a still pic on this. There is no separation of legs like a biped would have when standing. Stand up yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

    The size can be as much as seven feet on a large bear. They grow a bit bigger but not much. Seeing it uphill gives the illusion that it is taller than it actually is anyhow.

    The illusion of fingers is a bear’s wide paw with claws. Check some images online you’ll see what I mean.

    The motion made when turning and standing to investigate the hikers is a typical bear motion. Black bears will stand for several minutes when they’re curious.

    The hikers may not have known it was a bear but that is pretty hard to mistake.

    I search for Bigfoot and know bears. I’m not plugging my site because i’m on a break of undetermined length. I put it here to show I do search for Bigfoot and I do know what I am talking about. I’ve seen many bears in the woods and bears are the most common omnivore around Provo Canyon. Check with the local Forest Service and they will tell you the same.

    I would have loved for this to be true but can say this is a bear without question.

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