New Sea Creature Recently Found: Piglet Squid

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about potentially huge animals that may be living in the depths of the sea, both here and on my radio show.  Statistics have to be on our side given these facts that I just love to keep sharing:

  • The surface of the Earth is 197 million square miles. 2/3 of it is covered in water.
  • There are 300 million trillion gallons of water on this planet.
  • The deepest part of the ocean is in the Marianas Trench, in the western Pacific ocean that has been calculated to be 7 miles deep.

There are plenty of undersea spaces for creatures to live without ever coming in contact with us!

I wanted to share a really cute one with you today called the Piglet Squid. It’s tiny but oh so cute!

Piglet Squid 

Look at that smile! The piglet squid is most often found about 320 feet below the ocean surface, and possibly deeper. They are found all across the world.

Adults are colored red-orange and are about the size of an orange averaging 10 cm (nearly 4 in) in length. As babies they appear clear with speckles that contain pigment and light reflecting cells. The eyes are bright thanks to light-emitting organs called photophores.

On top of their heads they sport a patch of little curls that are actually their tentacles. As they get older they lose some of the tentacles.

No one knows what they eat, but they all seem to like swimming upside down!

Very cute little creatures, and as I keep saying, because there are so many creatures still unknown to science, these cuties give me hope that one day some of the cryptids we enjoy discussing and hunting will also join the official roster of known animals!

Here’s a brief video from National Geographic that shows the piglet squid and other elusive sea creatures in action:

Til the next time! (Side view of a piglet squid, below right.)

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