Soldier in an Invisibility Cloak or a Ghost

We recently came across this fascinating  video that seems to show a US soldier running from a field into a US tank – pretty much invisibly. Take a look at the video (about 5 minutes) and then we’ll discuss it. The music is a terrible distraction, but you can still understand what’s being said. The video was obtained from an insurgent surveillance camera that was hidden in order to capture the explosion of a roadside bomb. Check it out:

Doesn’t it look like a ghost?
The Possibilities

We’re left with several possibilities:

1. It looks similar to some ghost videos that we’ve seen from around the world. So maybe there are quite a few people in the world with an invisibility cloak, usually in remote locations.

2. The video is a hoax made with a technique used repeatedly by many so-called “ghost hunters”.

3. This could be a cloaked soldier.

4. It was a legitimate ghost sighting.

Let’s rule out option 1 for starters. The idea that anyone besides Harry Potter or the military having such a cloak is just silly, especially as we’re not sure one even exists.


Could it be a hoax? Possibly, but in many ways it seems authentic.  We researched what others were saying about this video and found out some interesting things about cameras that we’ll cover in a couple paragraphs.

A cloaked soldier?  Hmmm …

  • The soldier isn’t holding any weapon at all.
  • He doesn’t have any body armor on.
  • Where’s his helmet?
  • No one else seems surprised to see him there – what about the soldier at the gun port?

Those facts in themselves make the video seem unauthentic/hoaxed.

Legitimate ghost sighting?  Haven’t we all seen videos of spooky images much like the one in this video that passes before someone’s video camera, or a stationary camera left in a room/hallway/attic/basement? I know we’ve seen some on the web and we later find out the videos were hoaxed.

What Could This Be?

The best answer we’ve found is a technical one. A blogger noted that it, “looks like it’s the result of slow frame rates. Quick moving objects disappear only to reappear once they stop moving quickly. The guy becomes suddenly visible when he slows down to climb on the tank.”

Other comments referred to it as “video compression”. So if the insurgents were running a slow video, they were missing fast moving objects, like our sprinting soldier. That still doesn’t explain where his helmet or body armor, or weapon were, but maybe he had been blown out of the previous tank?

The picture above is a still taken from the Predator movie, showing how special movie effects can fool our senses.

The Lesson

As lovers of paranormal and cryptozoological phenomena, we have to be wary. So many people seem to be able to manipulate and distort videos with techniques beyond most of our understanding, it’s very disappointing. Then let’s factor in all the glitches and distortions that can occur just from camera/video use, and it really becomes almost impossible to tell what we’re looking at.

How many of us are photo and video experts? When we view videos of supposed ghost phenomena, let’s remember the lesson from this video. As best we can tell, this was just a misunderstanding of what the insurgents were seeing on video. But it may also be a hoax based on the fact that the soldier was unarmed and without a helmet/armor.

We’re probably never going to know for sure. We’ll have to rely on Harry for any stealth work that needs to be done … for now!

Til the next time!

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