Update on Zombie Killer

The Miami Dade county medical examiner released the toxicology report for Rudy Eugene, the man who ate the face off a homeless man earlier this year. Many expected the results to show that Eugene had taken “bath salts” a relatively new and toxic drug. However, the report showed the only drug in Eugene’s system was marijuana.

Eugene’s family cannot understand what happened to him. They and his friends swear he was never a violent man, and while they weren’t surprised that marijuana was found in his system, they insisted he’d never take any other illegal drug willingly.

Consider that early on police and an emergency room doctor reported seeing patients in the same state as Eugene had been in recent months.  From my earlier post about this incident, “Emergency Room doctor Paul Adams agreed with Aguilar noting that similar cases have shown up in their ER, “We noticed an increase, probably after Ultra Fest.” He added the new LSD commonly known as Bath Salts can raise a person’s body temperature so high that the individual loses their ability to think logically and loses the ability to feel pain. This is followed by the onset of delirium and that’s when things can get really ugly. ”

So if it’s not “Bath Salts”, then SOMEthing is out there making these people go crazy. Eugene’s case, though the most extreme, is not the only one that medical science has encountered.

I think the wisest thing I’ve read on this latest turn of events is that the drug causing these insane behaviors is probably so new, they don’t know to test for it yet. That makes more sense to me than having people believe that zombies are real. Folks, they are not.

I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this horrible case. Til the next time!

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