Update on UFO in the Baltic Sea

Upon further digging into this story, we uncovered some more pertinent facts:

The Photo

The picture shown in this article and in many articles around the internet of the “UFO” on the Baltic sea bed is not a photograph at all. It was created by German artist Hauke Vagt and displayed on the website deviantart(d0t)com. So that explains why the image is so clear for being 285 feet below the surface.


Apparently, samples were taken from the object and sent for analysis. We couldn’t determine where the samples were sent, but as professors from the University of Stockholm are involved, they may have gone there.

A marine archaeologist from the University of Stockholm thinks the object might be made of sandstone, but further analysis will be required.

Government Involvement

One reporter suggested that if this was truly a UFO, one of the G20 countries would have zoomed in already and removed all signs of the craft. The fact that it’s still there on the bottom of the sea suggests that it’s just a natural anomaly and not a UFO.

We’re looking forward to the results of these tests that they’re running. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

Til the next time!

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