Credible Ghost Report from 1839

I was searching for some ghost sightings that were legitimate per readers’ requests. It is very hard to find any credible sightings nowadays. The amount of faked, hoaxed, or simply misunderstood “ghost” sightings on the internet is staggering.

Along the way, I found a fascinating report of a ghost encounter that was witnessed by no less than 20 other individuals.

At the Seminary

When St. John Bosco (1815-1888) was a seminarian (at Chieri, Italy), he was very good friends with a fellow student named Comollo. They agreed that when one of them died, whoever was first, he would try to give the other “some indication concerning the state of his own soul.”

As it happened, Comollo died not long after, on April 2, 1839. On the night of Comollo’s funeral, the answer came.

Per The Catholic Answer publication, “Along with twenty other theology students gathered in the same room, John suddenly heard a mighty and sustained roar that shook the building. Then they watched as the door opened violently of its own accord. A dim light with changing color appeared, and a voice was clearly heard: “Bosco, Bosco, Bosco, I am saved!”

This story has been well authenticated, especially considering there were twenty witnesses.

St. John later wrote, “For a long time afterwards, there was no other subject of conversation in the seminary.” Not surprisingly! LOL!!

Who Was St. John Bosco?

By the way, if you’re wondering if St John was deemed a saint by the Catholic church because of this encounter, the answer is no. His life works earned him that title. Here’s a link to a short biography of St. John Bosco, if you’re interested:

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