Titanic Ghosts

This is a quick blog about ghosts being seen who were in some way associated with the RMS Titanic. This past April the world observed the one hundred year anniversary of its sinking. Do you think any of these stories are true?

  • The Snow & Co. Funeral Parlour in Halifax, Nova Scotia received 328 Titanic victims, at least temporarily until their bodies were transported home.  Nowadays the funeral parlour is the Five Fisherman Restaurant. The original pulley used to hoist the Titanic victims to the building’s upper level is still present, dangling from the wine room ceiling. People have witnessed strange occurrences such as glass flying off a shelf and cutlery falling to the floor when no one is near it. Gary MacDonald, the manager of the restaurant, was quoted as saying, “You must acknowledge them or they will pull stunts.”
  • In 2008, the Georgia Aquarium hosted the traveling “Titanic Aquatic” exhibit. The exhibit featured hundreds of Titanic related artifacts. Volunteers who were setting up the exhibit reported strange occurrences that puzzled and startled them. The incidents grew in number so the aquarium staff brought in paranormal investigators to help determine what was happening. That group was Ghost Hunters, and they did in fact, experience some strange things going on, and if memory serves, they deemed the exhibit haunted.
  • In the 1990s Jamie Rodriguez, a San Francisco resident, claimed a ghost was haunting him. He did some digging and discovered that a Titanic survivor once lived in his apartment. However, the tenant, Dr. Henry Washington Dodge, wasn’t considered a hero of the Titanic because he had climbed aboard a lifeboat that was reserved for women and children only. He was scorned for the rest of his life, undergoing legal and financial hardships that finally ruined him. Deeply depressed, he committed suicide in that apartment in 1919. Every summer his ghost appears in the same spot in the apartment.
  • Though she survived the sinking of the Titanic, socialite Molly Brown’s home in Denver, Colorado, is said to be the site of strange happenings. Apparently “paranormal oddities” occur regularly at the Molly Brown House Museum that include “furniture disturbances”, and sightings of the ghosts of Molly Brown and her husband James Joseph Brown. In an upstairs window, people have reported seeing the ghost of Molly’s mother, and random scents (Mr. Brown’s tobacco and Mrs. Brown’s rose-scented perfume) appear and disappear around the premises.
  • Finally, the house in England where Captain Edward John Smith (the Titanic’s captain) lived as a child, is also said to be haunted. There have been mysterious floods, unexplained icy chills, and multiple ghostly sightings.


I remember the Ghost Hunters investigation at the Aquarium in Georgia and I must say, the evidence they captured couldn’t be logically explained, at least in my mind. I think there may be something to the fact that objects in that traveling display are haunted.

For the rest of the stories, I have no way of telling if they’re real or not, but they do make good ghost stories. Who knows what goes on beyond the grave? Although I will say I believe all people have the opportunity to “go into the light”. I just don’t understand why some hang around. That’s disturbing.

What do you think?

Til the next time!

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  1. I think some people move on because they have no fear because of thier strong religious beliefs. Others may stay behind because of “unfinished business”, an obsession with this life or maybe they are afraid of the unknown. I can certainly understand if a mother stays behind after her passing waiting on her child or a husband looking for his wife. I may stay behind for my child but other than that I think I’d take my chances in the light.

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