UFO (Multiple Hovering Orbs) Over Apple Valley, CA

Two nights ago (June 4, 2012) a couple from Apple Valley, CA, recorded a video of what I think is a triangular shaped ship hovering over the city of Apple Valley.

They saw glowing balls of light appear on the eastern horizon around 10:38 PM. The lights formed a triangular shape, but they also flickered on and off, and at least in one instance, a couple balls of light seemed to break away from the main group.

The whole incident lasted around 15 minutes. The lights were described as amber orbs. The couple reported their sighting to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and posted their video on YouTube which you can access by clicking here:


My Take

Many people have reported triangular shaped ships flying overhead not only in the U.S., but around the world. Personally, I think they are man-made ships, the latest upgrade to our military’s fleet of flying vehicles.

Why was it hovering over Apple Valley? When’s the last time your car broke down? LOL!! That’s just sooo human – something broke or malfunctioned! While our soldiers scrambled above to get it working again, people down below were agog at what they saw.

This is not to take away from the fact that there DO seem to be UFOs around our planet that may very well come from the far reaches of our universe. But too many people have seen these triangles, especially around metropolitan centers (i.e., near airports and military bases). I think in a few years we’ll be hearing about whatever they call this one just like we heard about those stealth bombers after they were decommissioned.

By the way, did you notice on the first photo that Apple Valley is the “Gateway to the Mojave Desert”?  What a great place to do some stealthy testing of a new technology!

The picture to the right wasn’t taken during this UFO sighting. It’s a stock photo from a previous sighting; I don’t know where.

Verdict, Please!

So I think this is just a man-made vehicle. What do you think?

Til the next time!


  1. It is a strange happening for sure, but you can see that there is a good chance this was a military secret operation.

  2. Recently saw black orb in desert field while I ran… about 1 to 2 feetwide ..no propulsion evident but hovered for a good 45 mins and disappeared into darkness. By Shawnee and mesquite open field. Mid 2015. Have not seen it since. Son and I observed big foot like hairy creature in street area of mesquite and Powhatan February of 2016…went into alley behind homes chased and did not see again??? Yikes, area is bizzare. Apple valley ca area.

    • WOW, Ray, that’s really interesting. I didn’t realize there were still ongoing sightings of any sort in Apple Valley, CA. Thanks for sharing that. The place has become even more intriguing to me!

      Thanks for visiting CryptoVille! … Susan (CryptoVille)

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