Black Forest Entity and Mysterious Lights

Last night on Fact or Faked (SyFy channel), the team worked on a case out in Colorado called the Black Forest Entity. A family was being plagued by strange lights and occurrences around their home way up in the mountains.

The family also reported seeing strange lights outside the home that they had even filmed.

Fact or Faked’s Investigation

The crew began by photographing the outdoor area where the homeowners had caught strange lights in their photos. The team’s conclusion was that at least some of these outdoor lights were probably insects like lightning bugs, based on the settings of the owner’s camera.

The team then did a nighttime investigation and there was a very strange flash of light inside the house and a few other things that spooked them.

Their result was inconclusive. Some of it was probably bugs being filmed at certain speeds, but other lights couldn’t be accounted for. So the case was left “open”.

My Take

So this got me thinking. I had written a previous blog entry about the Brown Mountain Orbs in North Carolina.  (See the link at the end of this article.) I think there may be similarities here.

  • Both locations take place in mountains. Seismic activity can occur in mountains since they were originally formed by the movement of tectonic plates and/or volcanic eruptions.
  • Prior to earthquakes, many people have reported seeing balls of light as well as other shapes of light. They often think these are UFOs, but I’m thinking this is more of an earth science phenomenon that is very hard to study because of the way they come and go. I think there may be ball lightning  and other natural phenomena occurring there.

The homeowners said that the activity has picked up so much in the last year or so that they are going to sell the home.

Has everyone else noticed the increase in seismic activity around the world lately:  earthquakes in places that don’t usually have them, volcanoes erupting, the activity around the Pacific “rim of fire” going strong?  Well, Colorado is right there sitting on the Rocky Mountains (at least the western part of the state is).

My Experience

A couple nights ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a sound that I first thought was my TV exploding. The TV turned on and off and while it did that, there was a loud crackling noise inside it. Also at the same time, I heard the appliances in the kitchen shut off and go back on. In the morning, I had to reset the clock on the microwave. Remarkably, the TV was still working.

Living in FL, I know what happened. It was a power surge caused by a lightning strike nearby. It could have blown out the TV and the appliances, so I feel very Blessed that they all survived.

My point is that electricity from something like a lightning strike can cause a lot of drama and damage. Imagine the electricity under immense pressure from earth forces and you can see how it could be channeled into doing things we might not normally expect.

Verdict, Please!

I believe there is more to the Black Forest Entity than meets the eye. The Fact or Faked team was on the right path, but it’s going to take more time, more effort, and more serious equipment to start studying the lights in and around that family’s home.

Could it be paranormal, such as ghost related? Maybe. But I think the mystery of what’s going on with our planet is far more tantalizing.

Look at it this way – if something goes awry with our planet, far more of us are going to be affected, possibly in serious ways. I’m referring here to things like the magnetic poles shifting, or a huge earthquake, or if Yellowstone Park finally erupts (scientists have confirmed that the magma is rising there).

Much more research needs to be done in this field and I think paranormal researchers could help out. They’ve already got some of the equipment necessary to measure the electricity and movement of objects. It’s just a thought, but I’d love to hear more about what people are finding.

Til the next time!

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