Breaking News: New Bigfoot Footage from Pocatello, Idaho

Just found an article reporting that students on a hike in Pocatello, Idaho filmed a brief video of what looks very much like a Bigfoot or Sasquatch!

What Happened

The students noticed a creature watching them from a rise further above the trail they were on. It turned and walked away into the woods where it was quickly obscured by all the brush. The students, who want to remain anonymous, said it was not a bear, nor a human because it was so big and bulky. They seemed sure about that.

After the creature was gone, they went to the ridge where it had been and found fresh footprints. They photographed those and shared the photos with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, of Idaho State University. He’s an expert in examining and evaluating supposed Bigfoot/Sasquatch foot prints from around the world.

(The photo to the right is a still taken from the Patterson/Gimlin film.)

My Take

As I view the video again and again, all I can think is: can NO ONE take a video in focus? Are we forever cursed by grainy, fuzzy film? But I will say this, it has the conical head, the huge shoulders, long arms, and general bulk of a Bigfoot.  I’m thinking this may be legitimate footage.

I was not impressed with the foot prints because it looked a little too perfect for me, but I don’t know. It could have been a youngish animal that hasn’t yet had the wear and tear as seen in footprints from older individuals.

The reporter mentioned that the program Finding Bigfoot will be traveling to Pocatello in June to gather reports from witnesses and do their own investigation in the area. It’ll be interesting to hear what they think about it!

Here’s the link to the video:–abc-news-topstories.html

What do you think?


  1. I believe in big foot but this video always seemed like it was some guy in a furry costume and not a very good one at that. Look at his face. Where is it? All we see is this long stretch of what appears to be skin where his eyes should be. It looks like those glasses that kid, Cyclops, wore on the X Men. Or Le Var Burton’s glasses on Star Trek. Or is it just me? lol

    • Lisa, are you referring to the photo of Bigfoot I used above? Or the new video clip?

      The photo above was taken from the Patterson/Gimlin film and I do believe that was/is a real Bigfoot for many reasons. I’m working on an article why I think Bigfoot is real, and I’ll explain what scientists have discovered in recent years from studying that film with our more advanced technology. That’s the real deal.

      Now, is the one in the newest video real? I don’t know. It sure is tantalizing, though! I wish we could have seen more of it — and a better quality video!!

  2. There are still things on this old planet that we “humans” haven’t found yet. Just because we haven’t found them doesn’t mean they don’t exsist. They just live in peace until we do. Bigfoot may just be the smartest co-inhabitant we have come across on this slab. He has watched and seen what we “civilized” folks do.. Maybe he doesn’t want any part of our world.

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