Bigfoot in Vermont

A reader asked if I was going to cover any news about Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings in Vermont. I hadn’t heard or read anything about it in a while, so I did a little digging. The news is good for Bigfoot believers — the area (actually throughout northern New England) seems to be brimming with Bigfoot activity.

Biologist John Perry of Maine reported that sightings of Bigfoot in New England should be viewed as a collection of incidences throughout a vast area, rather than just limiting the creature to one state. After all Bigfoot doesn’t know about our borders much less care about them, so they roam where they will crossing state lines without notice.

He makes a good point especially as I contemplated the sightings and reports from Vermont in recent years — they seem to tie in with reports just over the border in the state of New York.  Apparently sightings of Bigfoot date back to the Colonial era in those areas and the native Americans knew about them, referring to them as Stone Giants.

The areas where Bigfoot has been spotted stretches from northern Albany, NY through Crown Point on Lake Champlain in VT.  But that entire Adirondack region contains 6 million acres of state park, so a Bigfoot population could move about fairly freely and thrive.

A noted backwoods-country guy known as “Adirondack” Jack Leach was interviewed about his encounters with Bigfoot. With over 50 years experience roaming the wilderness while hunting and fishing, Jack had quite a few stories to tell. He seems genuine, as well as a bit camera shy, and certainly seems a down-to-earth sort of person. I found his claims to be believable. I’ll include a link to that 16 minute interview below. It’s worth watching.

I wanted to mention another supposed Bigfoot sighting from Vermont that you may have seen on the Animal Planet program called Finding Bigfoot. A man named Frank Siecienski was bothered that so many apples were going missing from his apple tree. So he decided to place a trailcam camera to catch whom or what was taking his apples.

The picture caught by his trail cam is intriguing, but after some digging, I found what I believe to be the best explanation for the creature in that photo. Here’s the original photo:

The person on the left was taken to compare the size of a human against the animal in the right photo. The right photo was the one shot by the trail cam. I can see how people think that might be a Bigfoot, but there’s something not quite right about it.

The explanation I found that makes the most sense to me is that it’s actually a Vermont Barred owl dropping from the tree onto its prey, either a mouse or vole. You’re seeing the back of the owl facing the camera with the wings spread to either side. Here’s a picture of a Vermont Barred owl in daylight:

I know the man in the photo above looks the same size as the bird, but he is further out on a road or driveway, and the owl is closer to the camera. It’s a case where scale is critical but hard to define in the dead of night.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful someone, somewhere is going to finally snap a good, clear, definitive photo or video of Bigfoot and it could very well happen in the Vermont and New York state area!

Here’s that interesting video:

Have you got any thoughts about Bigfoot in Vermont … or elsewhere?

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