Ghost of Christmas Past

Found a video reportedly showing a ghost caught on video this past Christmas (12/21/2011) in Claypool, Indiana. A pair of twins caught it on a Verizon flip phone as they were filming their Christmas tree. The house lights seem to be off, but as I take pictures of my Christmas trees with the lights off to highlight the tree lights, I don’t think that’s unusual. I’m sure lots of people do that too.

The video shows a figure sweeping the floor. I had a  hard time seeing it, much less a sweeping motion, but the family claim the figure is a woman, and possibly a deceased relative.  The twins said the figure couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, only through the phone’s video camera.

The figure approaches from a darkened hall behind the room and I can’t help but think someone dressed up in wispy, ghostly clothing, and swept into view – literally! While I’d like to believe this was real, I’m thinking this is more than likely a hoax.

What’s your verdict – real or hoax?

Here’s the link so you can see the video:


  1. Hard to really see much, but seems like a hoax to me, the so called woman ghost is moving too fast, like in real time. might be wrong, but don’t think so.

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