Bhangarh Fort, India – Ghost Haven or Hoax?

Bhangarh Fort is known as “The Ghost Town of Rajasthan” and possibly for good reason. There are reports that anyone venturing into the fort after sunset and before dawn will die, never to return.

Raja Bhagawant Das, ruler of the city of Amber, completed building the fort in 1573. His second son, Madho Singh, took up residence there. The area began to decline in 1630 after Chhatr Sing, Madho’s son, was killed in a violent attack. The decline continued through 1783 when the fortress and city were abandoned following a terrible famine that year.

Myths arose about Bhangarh that sound more like fairy tales to me, than fact. However the place really does seem to scare the locals.

The Archaeological Survey of India, the branch of government assigned to care for these kinds of places, posted a sign that states (in translation), “1. Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” It goes on to warn shepherds and woodcutters away from the area too. 🙂

People claim that this warning is the result of people having ventured into the fort at night, never to return. “Paranormal investigators” from India posted videos of their investigations on the internet, unfortunately not in English.  But there sure is a lot of shouting and screaming and drama! There are also plenty of special effects, in my opinion. How often do you see neon purple light at night, apart from a disco or something?

Now I did recognize two species that appeared on the videos that were hiding deep in the fort — pigeons and bats! I think they must account for a lot of the mysterious noises and shadows “flying around”.

One comment I read suggested that the strange noises and disappearing people may be the result of some covert criminal activity occurring there after hours! That seems more plausible to me than anything else, at least so far

It’s hard to say what’s really happening at Bhangarh Fort, but I suspect most of it has a natural explanation. I’d love to see someone like Ghost Hunters International investigate the place so we get a somewhat skeptical appraisal of the stories and the fort itself.

Has anyone ever been there or does anyone know anything more about this place? Please share with us!

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  1. I think a lot of old Forts and Castles have spirit activity, generations of people have died in these places. I tend to think some spirits do not move on because of unfinished business, or because they do not know how to move on, or, just don’t want to, that was their home and tend to stay there. Yes, I would like to see GHI travel there to check it out, would be very interesting.

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