Deep Sea Creature Caught on Video by Science Team

I’m attaching a video caught by a science team on their Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV). I can’t make out the name of the group, all I can see on the video is the static display “Oceaneering”.

Point is, they found this animal while looking at a piece of their own equipment, apparently. The video lasts for 6 minutes and during that time you get an excellent view of this animal. It floats in the water like a diaphanous wisp of fabric constantly changing shape.

Its surface is latticed with what looks like cell membranes and the sheen reflected from it in the ROV lights is quite beautiful. Inside you’ll see organs of some sort that actually get turned inside out later in the video. Very interesting.

To me, it looks like a relative of the jelly fish family. But when it’s turned inside out, there’s a part of it that looks a little like a snail’s head. So who knows. Scientists will have to tell us what it is and what it’s related to.

It’s just incredible what lives in the seas that we have yet to discover! Enjoy the video!

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