Is It Legal to Kill Bigfoot (Sasquatch)?

A friend recently shared an article citing whether it would be legal in Texas to kill a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  The answer was yes. If you want to read the whole article, I’m including a link at the end of this post.

Body of Proof

I’ve read enough about Texas to know they’re very much into hunting, so I had always wondered if they (Texans) would be the first to “bag a body” of Bigfoot.  Texas has at least one major Bigfoot researching group that regularly goes into the forests on the east side of Texas and hunts for the beast.

I hope no one has to kill one – ever. Yet I also know Western science isn’t going to be happy unless they can get some vital DNA samples to prove the existence of Bigfoot. We have been so inundated with hoaxers videos for years, and the idiots who fake footprints, that having an excellent photo or video of a Bigfoot won’t suffice. People will always claim it’s been photoshopped, someone in a gorilla suit, etc.

BigfootRedHairbyLexaWhere’s the DNA When You Need Some?

Why won’t other DNA samples (from poop/scat, hair, dead bodies) suffice?

1. Researchers believe they may bury their poop (or “scat”) to avoid detection.

2. They also think that the Bigfoot bury their dead.

3. Hair isn’t that great a sampling unless it has a root at the end with vital DNA.  The longer a sample sits in the woods, the more degraded the DNA sampling becomes.

It seems these animals go to great lengths to avoid being detected by homo sapiens. Who can blame them? Look at our track record!

Here’s the article:

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