Earth Groaning – Revisited

Earth04A friend shared a video with me that showed the best recordings of these earth groaning noises from around the world. A lot of thoughts occurred to me, so I’m going to share them with you below, and then it would probably be helpful if you listened to the video (33 minutes) yourself.  Then let me know what you think about the noises. (Note the dates.)

Best Recordings:

  1. Tallahassee, FL: 3/2011, Daytime

Woman records the sounds and finally calls 911 to report the noise which lasted about 20 minutes. She said she lived near an airport, but had never heard anything like it before, and also said it sounded a little like a tornado. The house and ground shook. Towards the end there was a flash of light and the sound dissipated until it was quiet again.

The National Weather Service chimed in with an explanation: Ducting. That’s a phenomenon where thunder from lightning strokes that could be far away, bounce off a very stable (air?) layer above the ground. That allows the sound to travel long distances. It sounds like a tornado.

Earth01Florida is hit with more lightning than anywhere else in the world (per the University of Florida, Gainesville), so it’s possible. In this case, it could have been ducting, I’ll give the scientists the benefit of the doubt.

  1. Kiev, Ukraine: 8/2011. Nothing impressed me much with this recording so on to the next.
  1. Windsor, Ontario: 8/2011 This recording impressed me because they showed a couple actual witnesses who impressed me as normal, everyday kind of people, not prone to hysteria. The sound was a loud vibration that could be felt by the residents themselves, in their bodies. Over one and a half years, the intensity of the noises have grown so that they disrupt the daily lives of the residents of south Windsor. Another resident reported that there was a frequency and pattern to what he heard, and that they felt the vibrations in his home.

The problem got so intense that the minister of environmental affairs was contacted and he began to research the problem. He described the sounds as a “synthetic noise coming from the ground.” When he put his palm to the floor, he could feel the vibration there.

The noise intensified on 8/22 and 8/23 of the same year, then there was a large earthquake in the Eastern United States on the 23rd.  Everyone wondered if there was a connection.

  1. Earth02Colorado 8/2011: This recording unsettled me. I really don’t like the pounding noise – it sounds like a giant pounding against a mountain. Hikers recorded the noises during the day and it was pretty much just pounding.
  1. Tampa Bay Rays game in Florida 8/23/2011: The whole stadium heard the windy roar that overtook the stadium. The announcers reacted to it, and one of them seemed on-edge about it. No one had an explanation.
  1. Viborg, Denmark: 9/16/2011 Humming metallic noise during the day time.
  1. Southern Colorado: 10/19/2011 Daytime for 30 minutes. This was a very windswept sounding rumble, but not a normal rumble.
  1. South of France: 11/3/2011. Nighttime. Duration: nearly 1 hour. Electronic sounding grind/hum/buzz, that was described as coming from everywhere, sky and ground.
  1. Tennessee: 12/5/2011:  Daytime. Duration: over an hour. The man in the garage recorded the sound for a few minutes because it was so cold out. He said it was from the sky, and kind of sounded like a jet airplane, but was constant and unrelenting. It sounded like a lot of metallic rumbling.
  1. Earth03Costa Rica: 1/2012. So many people reported this incidence that the local news reported on it. It was mainly a hum with some rumbling sounds punctuated by more of those pounding noises the Colorado hikers recorded.
  1. Aalborg, Denmark: 1/10/2012: Nighttime. Windswept sound, constant, with some metallic strafing.
  1. Budapest, Hungary: 1/11/2012. Sounded like a metallic foghorn to me, followed by metallic squeaking, then the foghorn again.
  1. Czech Republic: Early 1/2012. Low pitched but loud rumbling. Then metallic and higher pitched rumbling.
  1. Manitoba, Winnipeg: 1/12/2014: Nighttime, in a city. Windy whirring sound, fairly steady.
  1. Village in the UK: The Telegraph investigated a strange hum plaguing a village. The noise was throbbing, vibrating, rising and falling in intensity, described as a weird base sound. They could feel the vibration in their bodies.

Some have speculated the sound could be coming from the extensive mining system below ground. But I must point out that the mines have been there for centuries, and this noise is relatively new to the area. So I don’t think it’s the mines.

  1. Nottingham, England: 1/17/2012. Metallic hum with squeaks and a couple pounds. Horn-like, rose and fell, like an incoming wave.
  1. London, England: 1/17/2012: Higher pitched noise with metallic squeaks punctuating it. Again, the pattern rose and fell, like an incoming wave.
  1. Queens, NY: 1/18/2012: Afternoon. Huge scraping on metal noise, again, rose and fell in waves.
  1. Earth05Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: 1/18/2012. Nighttime. Whirring sound, loud and unrelenting.
  1. Armagh, N Ireland, UK: 1/19/2012. Daytime. High pitched unrelenting squeal. Witness thought the sound was coming from the sky but wasn’t entirely sure. Local dogs reacted.  There was also some low rumbling interspersed with the squeals.
  1. Alberta, Canada: 1/22/2012: Nighttime. Midrange grind of metal on a huge scale. Came and went, overwhelmingly metallic.
  1. New Zealand: 1/23/2012: Daytime. Massive low rumble that rose and fell. Lower rumble began and got louder. Also heard one pound.
  1. Sweden (Savedalen): 1/24/2012: Nighttime. Loud whooshing sound, and steady. Lasted 5-10 minutes.
  1. The Battlefords, Saskatchewan, Canada: 1/25/2012: Nighttime. Soft roar with a hum, and metallic strafing. Reported by many people throughout this area. Witnesses seemed like normal citizens. News reporter John Baglieri covered the story.

Professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice, of the University of Saskatchewan Physics department, said that people were picking up noise from an “environmental antenna”. He said they are electromagnetic waves emitted from the aurora above their heads, or from radiation belts to the south. He said they’re normal and nothing to worry about.

Ok , but it bears noting that there are no aurora over Florida and Costa Rica, and the Ukraine, Tennessee, New York City, Colorado, and middle Europe. I’m thinking there’s more to this than meets the eye.

  1. Black Mountains, AZ: 1/25/2012. Sunset. Noise sounds twanging, mechanical, and metallic.
  1. Baku, Azerbaijan: 1/25/2012. Daytime. Metallic foghorn that rises and falls.
  1. Wisconsin: 1/27/2012. Nighttime. Whirling metallic groaning sound, very intense. Could hear it plainly through 2 foot thick brick walls. It was 4:30 AM.


Can We Draw Conclusions?

So what to make of all this. I think it’s going to take more research by reputable people, and I’m talking about scientists here, to discover what these phenomena are. Some may be natural occurrences, like that ducting phenomenon, some may be the aurora spitting out electronic/metallic sounds, but none of that accounts for all the noises.

I don’t know what the noises are, but I will say I do not believe they are related to: Gabriel’s Trumpet, Stargate technology, a pending apocalypse, effects from “dimensional shifting”.  For now, that’s fanciful thinking.

Earth08It’s more likely that the noises are related to:

  • Plate tectonics
  • Electromagnetic noise
  • Solar activity
  • Sky quakes
  • HAARP (artist’s rendition, right)
  • Earth science we don’t yet understand in Western science.

I’d love to know what the native American/First Nations people think about them.


A word about D.U.M.B.s which are mentioned in the video. I never heard of them before. The acronym stands for “Deep Underground Military Bases”. If you Google it, you’ll find a YouTube video that describes and shows pictures of them. Do I think they’re responsible for the earth groaning – probably not. But they do raise other questions. Why is the military doing that?

I know some will shout out – UFO/alien attack and invasion! But it’s more likely to be a place for the military to fight a nuclear war. Let’s not forget that we are our own worst enemy at times – unfortunately, that’s human nature.


My Experience

Back to the earth noises, I must confess, I think I heard the earth noises one night about two or three months ago here in north central Florida. I awoke because of pain in my bum knee, and turned over. As I did, I heard this strange noise outside, but far up, if that makes any sense. We hadn’t had any rain or anything, it was a clear night. The noise was like loud, but low intensity throbbing, or some might say humming. I was so exhausted, though, I couldn’t bear to get out of bed and so I just settled down and fell asleep instantly.

Who knows what these noises are! I’ll keep looking for answers, though. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the topic.

Til the next time!

This interesting video is about a half hour long:


  1. This whole article left me feeling very uneasy……then to make matters worse I watched more footage of strange and unusual happenings on Youtube…….SHAKING!

    • I know what you mean. It’s definitely unsettling. But there still may be a logical, scientific explanation. We’re just going to have to find one. (Hopefully!!)

  2. There have been several times when I have been in bed and pain of some sort woke me up, but instead of the pain being the first thing I remember, I remember a loud sound or moan such as this in between waking and sleeping states. It is bothersome, but I have a chronic disease ( fibromyalgia) that could in some medical way account for my experiences…It is basically over-active nerves with constant pain involved. Not a pleasant thing, but one that we are still learning about. Just a suggestion, but may be this may account for one or two of the solo reports where they were awakened. Just a thought. <3

    • Very interesting Olivia! I’m so sorry you suffer with that fibromyalgia! I have several friends who have it so I kind of know what you go through. Your point is very interesting though and definitely worth keeping in mind as we evaluate any upcoming/new reports. Thanks for sharing!

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