Japanese Woman Walks Through a Ghost

A dear friend shared this video with me. Loved seeing it, as you can imagine! However I am 100% sure the”ghost” is CGI (computer generated image). Look at how goofy it looks and the poor quality of the image. The image reminds me of the jumpsuit-like outfits worn by professional ski jumpers that you see in the Olympics.

That said, over the years people HAVE reported a spirit or ghost going through them (that they almost always cannot see), but it ALWAYS feels icy cold. If she had really passed through one, she would have reacted to the cold. I hate to sound like a party pooper, but the web is filled with these kind of hoaxes, and the more we can disprove, the closer we’ll get to the truth.

5.31.12 I’m removing the link to this video because it’s generating a lot of spam. You can search for it on Google if interested.

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