Mach 20 Vehicle — UFO or Man Made?

Speed Limit 55 million
Speed Limit 55 million

I wanted to share this short video with you because so many UFOs are described as having accelerated speeds not able to be achieved by mankind. Not so fast … here’s an excellent example of a man-made craft streaking across the sky at 20 times the speed of sound! It absolutely looks like a UFO.


So I advise caution when we see anomalies in the sky — more often than not they’re going to be Earth science we don’t yet understand, or secret projects being created by a multitude of sources in our own world.

But don’t lose heart — I do still acknowledge that there is a small percentage of these sightings that defy explanation and that may indeed point to the existence of UFOs and aliens.  We’ll talk about some soon.

Til then, please enjoy this video …

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