Woolly Mammoth Update

WoollyMammothsJust saw a video by Devin Marble, one of the Fact or Faked program experts. This isn’t a long video, about 5 minutes, so you may want to watch it.

I don’t think it’s prudent to assume that we can guess/estimate which river was seen in the video. The river he mentions also has vast tributaries running through a huge area. To assume that every piece of the river and its tributaries is deep, is pushing the boundary of reason in my opinion.

In the original video, the river looked shallow enough to me, that wasn’t the problem. (You can read more about my opinion of this original video in a previous post in CryptoVille – see the index to the right of the page.)

I did like his assessment of the fact that the water should be splashing against the animal’s body and it doesn’t seem to be. That could very well mean the whole thing was photoshopped.

One thing is clear, the original video is fake. Whether the  woolly mammoth still exists will remain another tantalizing mystery for us all to ponder — for now!

Til next time!

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