Beware New Age Teachings

While I’m inclined to believe in Bigfoot and other strange creatures that may actually exist, and while I’m delighted to read and share information about new species being documented by science, and while I’m puzzled by a few UFO/alien reports, there are some things that need to be avoided at all costs.

I’m talking about witchcraft, druidism, tarot, ouija boards, and everything related to “new age” teachings. This includes that ridiculous book “Course in Miracles.”  Demons exist and they use these aforementioned tricks to ensnare people into terrible mistakes and awful situations. Even “white witches” court trouble with the evil side because they give themselves over to believing they can control nature – pride.

So if you or anyone you know/love has fallen into these dark arts, I’d ask you to share this website with them for starters. It includes links to other information they may find pertinent, also.


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