Yeti in Bhutan – National Geographic Expedition

YetiStapWithout a doubt, I believe that Bigfoot and the Yeti exist (Bhutanese stamp from 2014 featuring the Yeti, right). The evidence to prove it is quite good, despite all the idiots clouding the facts with their idiotic pranking and hoaxing.

I’m sharing a video of a program created by National Geographic documenting their expedition to Bhutan in search of the Yeti. Absolutely wonderful program! It’s about an hour long, and the best is saved for last, so do try to view it. Enjoy!


    • Good question Richard! I’m sorry to say I don’t think ethics will play much, if any, role in how humanity handles it. Look at our track record.

      I heard one researcher say that if this animal proves to be an offshoot that’s still part of our species’ line (homo sapien), would killing it be considered a homicide? Intriguing thought, but we won’t know until we get enough DNA to prove its existence first.

      I’ve heard people interviewed in Kentucky, non-Natives, who acknowledge they know full well it exists, but they don’t talk about it, photograph it, etc, because they believe it should be left alone. They fear what mankind will do to these animals.

      I’ve read about research groups in Texas who go into the woods – armed – to do their research. I fear they won’t be satisfied until they “bag a body”, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

      Finally, I’ve heard native Americans from British Columbia say that the animal puts a spell over people, so that they don’t hurt the Bigfoots. Maybe it’s just the shock of seeing one up-close, who knows!

      As far as a “deciding agency”, it’ll probably take a governor making a law that in their state, Bigfoots are to be left alone, and shooting them is a criminal offense.

      It’s hard to say what will happen, but let’s hope we do better this time, with the Bigfoot.

      Thanks for your question!

      … Susan

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