UFO Sighting Over South Korea

Dragon-at-Haedong-Yonggungsa-Temple-in-Busan-South-KoreaYahoo news reported a possible UFO sighting today. A passenger aboard an airplane traveling over South Korea was filming out the window when a white blob flew into frame and then apparently zoomed upwards. I studied the video they provided (see link below) several times. (Photo right of a dragon at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea.)

My first thought was that UFOs are often and actively seen in areas where nuclear weapons are housed. Given the current threats coming out of North Korea at this time related to launching missiles in the direction of the U.S.A., I had to wonder.

Still, after looking at it closely, I think it’s some kind of balloon. Maybe a weather balloon, or a big party ballo0n. The program Fact or Faked had one episode of purported UFOs seen in the hundreds over one small area. After several experiments, they determined it was white balloons that had been released en masse — a tradition in parts of South America.

KoreaMapWhat made me think this current UFO is a balloon is the way it suddenly lurches upward, as though it caught a changing air current.  Have you ever approached a loose plastic bag on the road? Or piece of newspaper? Remember how they twist and turn in response to the air currents that your car is forming as it approaches?

I think that’s what happened here. The plane and it’s currents caught up a balloon that was passing by and it got launched upwards.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

Now please don’t be discouraged. I know that UFOs exist in the sense that some things defy explanation.  Whether they’re really aliens inside – that’s where I become skeptical. I’ll be talking more about UFOs including what I think of aliens (if they do exist) in upcoming posts. So please stay tuned!


  1. Teresa, I’m going to put another page on my blog where people can leave their stories about paranormal/cryptozoological experiences they’ve had. My friend Brenda wants to share her story too. I’m very excited!! I hope you’ll share your story there too!!

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