Jamaican Surprise – Ghost or Glow?

My friend Nelda Tims Nance shared a photo with me that her friend took in Jamaica recently. They think it shows an entity of some sort in the front right section between a couple of trees.

You have to enlarge the photo to really see it. If you look at the “entity’s” left arm, it coincides with a natural ridge that runs across the whole photo. It looks like a hooded figure to me, and the top of the hood blends into another natural formation. And I’m not able to see through it, so it doesn’t seem transparent.

I’m not a photographic expert, but I have to think shooting a photo towards the sun may result in some odd flares or whatnot on the image.

The lady did say they were just setting sail as she took the picture. Could it be a reflection of the side of the boat somehow?

JamaicaMapAlso important: This photo was not Photoshopped. Neither of these ladies are into altering photos for any reason, and I very much doubt they have the additional software that would be needed.

The weird thing is it looks like a hooded figure, and that reminds me that there are many haunted places and stories on Jamaica, probably as a result of its tragic history. But after much consideration, I think this is an example of visual matrixing.

What do you all think?

(To see the photo better, right click on the photo, select ‘Save image” and save it to your computer. Then use whatever photo-viewing software you have to look at it closely. WP doesn’t let you enlarge the photo.)

Regardless, this all reminds me of how beautiful it is in Jamaica. Wouldn’t you agree?  🙂


UPDATE: Found out the lady who took the photo was INSIDE, behind a glass window. So that “hooded figure” is almost certainly a reflection of some sort.  Mystery solved!

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