Audio Matrixing and Talking Ghosts

SingingBirdSometimes I awaken early in the morning, before light, and watch the first strands of sunlight rise above the horizon. The songbirds must be watching too because they gradually come alive outside as the light progresses. Their singing and twittering fills the air with beautiful melodies and little staccato accents. In their little chirps and songs I can hear human words. I know they aren’t really speaking, but I can kind of hear words in their song.

Indeed when bird watchers try to identify birds by their songs, they often put little words together to make it easier. For instance, the whip-poor-will’s song is three tones that really aren’t saying “whip poor will”, but that’s how we humans describe it. I guess making it into words of some sort helps us to remember it better. (To hear one’s call, click on this link: )

audio matrixingSo this got me thinking about audio matrixing. I think we must have all heard about matrixing of the eye – when we see things that aren’t really what we think we’re seeing. For instance, a face in a mirror, a face in a paint stain, a figure on the side of a building – whatever. The ghost hunting researchers have told us about that for a while now. Being extremely visual creatures, our eyes and brains are always looking for human faces. That’s how we survive because after all, we all have faces!

But I’d like to suggest these are the same people who are guilty of audio matrixing. I’ll say it from the start – I’m not comfortable with “EVPs” (electronic voice phenomena). I’m dismayed that people who seem so scientific and cynical about visual matrixing seem to buy into these “voices” caught on tape so easily.

ghost-hunting-equipmentThe one caveat here could be that when they hear the tape in person, it’s clearer than what we hear on TV. But over the last couple years I have been mostly unimpressed with any EVPs caught by ghost hunters I’ve seen on TV.

On the other hand, the Vegas boys HAVE caught some interesting answers to questions on tape, but not a lot.  I guess it’s possible there’s some disembodied spirit answering them, but of all the evidence they all present, EVPs are almost unimportant, in my opinion.

I’ve read where scientists have responded by saying any kind of sound wave, from TV, radio, HAMM radio, walkie talkies, etc., continue to travel for a while and can be picked up by listening devices. Considering how electronically overloaded we all are nowadays, it raises the likelihood that the ghost researchers are mostly picking up stray transmissions. Especially when SOOOO many of them are unintelligible (degraded, broken down).

I’d like to see more scrutiny of EVPs in future, and would respect that phenomenon more if the majority of them were disregarded as the background noise they probably are.

What do you think?

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