Woolly Over Our Eyes (Wooly Mammoth Sighting)

WoollyFamilyDid you all see the video posted by the UK’s The Sun newspaper showing a woolly mammoth struggling to get across a frigid Siberian stream? Honestly, when I first saw it I held my breath in anticipation! I was so excited – could it be true? Let’s face it, Siberia is vast and there aren’t a whole lot of people around.

I watched the video repeatedly and swore I saw big ears. Then I read the comments where people said it was a bear with a big fish in its mouth. No, how could that be?! I looked at it a couple more times and I’m sorry to say, they are right. I focused on the ears and they are bear ears.

Here’s that video, only a few seconds long:

The article that accompanied the video claimed that the creature’s hair matches samples recovered from mammoth remains dug up from the permafrost in Russia. If that’s true, where is the lab or the scientists to confirm that? By the way, how did the photographer get a sample of its hair, and from where?

They quote a paranormal writer who reported that locals do occasionally see a handful of mammoths moving around the wilderness of Siberia. I’d like to interview the locals and hear their stories first hand.

I did a little research and scientists tell us that when the mammoths roamed the Earth, the tundra looked a lot different than it does now. There were more plants for it to forage and eat in those days, as compared to current conditions. They also said when the weather got really cold, the animals would migrate a little further south to find easily accessible food (plants).

Given these facts, it seems unlikely that the Siberian tundra could support a “handful” of mammoths, especially as no one has seen a herd migrating anywhere during the winter.

PaybackThe mystery lover in me would love to believe these animals were still roaming the Earth, but we need further proof and much better pictures. Sometimes don’t you wonder if the entire world is doomed to taking grainy, unfocused photos?! Everything from UFOs, Bigfoot, lake monsters, and now even woolly mammoths are subjected to poor photography. THAT is what is really unbelievable!

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  1. Makes you glad they weren’t native to this part of the world…I have enough trouble with deer eating my garden – can you imagine one of these big boys in the tomato patch! I’d have just enough time to take a photo and run for my life…

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still roaming the earth. There was a small island somewhere over Russia where they were last “spotted” about five thousand years ago. I wouldn’t recommend quoting me on that though.

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