The journey begins

Journey01Welcome to CryptoVille, a blog where I will discuss all manner of things cryptozoological, and to some extent, UFOs, ghosts,  and other strange phenomena.  I hope to meet like-minded folks through my blog and discuss all the interesting creatures and in some cases, events, that are going on around the world.

Who I Am

It might help to understand where I’m coming from, what filters I use to make my judgments, and generally how I see the world. I’m Roman Catholic and that is my bedrock, the spring from which I draw my view of creation. I believe in good and evil, I believe the universe is orderly in the sense that the sciences do seem to move along in a fairly orderly and logical progression.  I also believe there is much we have yet to uncover, discover, and understand about the world and universe simply because there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many scientists around the world to work on all these conundrums.

Science is another mainstay in my life. It gives us principles to guide us in our decision-making and understanding. This is not to say science knows and understands everything! It’s a work in progress, but it still gives us some assurances that we can use in judging the validity of the cryptozoological world. Some folks may get mad at me because I’m a little too scientific and technical in my judgments. But I believe that approach is necessary because if we can rule out all the logical explanations, that leaves the unexplained, which opens the door to the possibility that these creatures may well exist.

Journey02I’m always excited about a good mystery, and to my way of thinking, how mysterious and exciting are the creatures reported by the cryptozoological world?! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas about these things with you, and hearing what you think about them too.

Recent Discoveries

Another area I’m going to highlight is recent discoveries of animals that science didn’t know to exist until the present time. It gives me hope that one day these other mysterious cryptids that we love to wonder about will be discovered too.

Recommended Reading

If you’ve read any good books on the topic of cryptozoology, please share with us. I’m sure we’d all enjoy another good read, especially on a cold, wintry night or a lazy summer evening!

Here’s the book that got me started … a classic! (The author is C.B. Colby)

Stay tuned for more!  🙂


  1. Looks great Susan.. but I don’t see a link for “Share your stories” whether it is Paranormal, UFO sightings, or other. But I’ll keep coming back to check it out and am anxious to see stories of others!!

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